Flying Angels Dove Release

Rates & Policy

We offer the following services; however, we invite you to choose any number of doves that may be of particular significance to your event.

We will not release birds if conditions become unsafe for the birds such as inclement weather. If conditions become unsafe due to weather or acts of God you will get a full refund. 
* We will not release birds indoors.
* Birds must be released at least two hours before sunset.
* Delays more than one hour will be billed a $50/hour.
* We will charge a mileage fee for distances of more than 50 miles from the loft. 
* We require a 50% nonrefundable deposit in order to secure a reservation except in        the case of funerals. Account must be paid in full before the release.
*  It is unlikely that soiling of clothing or properties will occur, however we are working        with live animals and cannot guarantee an accident will not occur. 
* We may have a photographer taking pictures for advertising purposes. We will share our            photos with you if requested;

Mahogany C
athedral $200
This beautiful  mahogany cathedral is equipped with million color LEDs and a controller that literary generates millions of colors. It is also equipped with a diamond LEDs that are very bright and bring out the white brilliance of the the birds. It also has a remote control door opener. Comes with up to three birds and can be used to display birds.

Circus Train $200
The Circus Train comes with fourteen birds and is setup on site for display before the release for pictures and interaction. The train consists of the engine, coal car, three animal cars and a caboose. At the time of release each car/cage is opened by participants of the event. 

Bamboo Bird Cage $100
This beautiful oriental bamboo cage  holds two birds and can be used for display and/or release.

Basket or Cage release $150/10 birds
We have many baskets and cages, large and small that can be used to release any number of birds. The baskets can be decorated with flowers, ribbons etc. additional birds $100/10 birds.

We will customize any release you want let your imagination be your guide!

We can have doves available for photo sessions if prearranged for a hourly rate!




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